Personal Training at Body Structure of Lexington KY

We understand your time and health is valuable, and you may rest assured that your fitness plan will be safe, challenging, fuel your motivation, and focused in the areas that will help you the most. Our personal training combinations are endless, so let us help you come up with a realistic plan that fits your schedule, budget, and accountability that you need to succeed!

Our personal training patients come to us from Georgetown, Winchester, Versailles, Nicholasville and Lexington.

One on One Personal Training

What a Personal Trainer Can Do for You…

  • Maximize your time and results
  • Enjoy one-on-one personal attention in a private atmosphere
  • Gain motivation and build confidence
  • Learn safe and proven methods that take the guesswork out of your workout
  • Energize your routine with refreshed programs that change as your body adapts
  • Shatter plateaus and climb out of workout ruts
  • Measure and track your progress


Your personal trainer will motivate and hold you accountable as you make the changes necessary to improve your health. Your personal trainer will guide you as you move towards your personal fitness goals. Together, we will develop a plan, take action, and give you the positive results you want! Personal Training is what we do, and we work hard to make sure we exceed your expectations!

Sessions of personal training are offered in 25 or 50 minute increments. We also offer semi- private training, provided there are minimal contraindications and similar goals.

Pay each session as you train, or session discounts are available for the 4 month and 1 year packages. These package discounts are based on time, and not the number of sessions purchased. Our costs are the same whether you buy 1 or 100 sessions. We apply discounts to our packages to motivate you over time to be consistent, which ultimately with our programming will deliver results.


Weight Loss

B.E.S.T. Method to Weight Loss
Successful, long term weight loss has been the goal of countless people. Weight loss myths send people on roller coaster rides by losing weight and gaining it all back. Science has proven that the only true method for effective and permanent weight loss is to correctly balance calorie consumption and calorie expenditure. In order to lose weight, a person must consume less calories than they burn. The most effective way to accomplish this is to increase the amount of activity while improving the quality of food intake, as well as monitoring the consumption of calories throughout a person’s day. Using techniques such as gradual behavior modification, safe and effective exercise programs, and technological tools; people today are having more success than in the past with permanent weight loss.

  • Behavior modification involves looking at a person’s current habits and setting realistic short-term goals to gradually modify bad habits for good habits.
  • Exercise is the key to increasing the expenditure of calories and increasing a person’s overall metabolic rate.
  • Supplementation can be used as a tool to aid in the modification process, but not as a quick fix or magic pill to yield “amazing” results.
  • Technology is having a tremendous impact on the weight loss industry. Leading the way are devices worn on the body that assist in the behavior modification process objectively.


“At Body Structure I feel like I sell time more than health, everybody knows they should eat right and exercise daily.” –Kevin Balcirak

Despite this knowledge, people still have many excuses as to why they aren’t losing weight. However, many of these excuses are not as strong as they seem at first glance. Below are the responses to the three excuses that Kevin has heard the most from Body Structure clients.


Excuse #1: “I don’t have enough time.”
Kevin’s Response: “Get yourself out of bed!”
While not the most sympathetic of responses, it is what most of us need to hear. If there is not enough time in during the day to schedule a work out, then plan time early in the morning. Body Structure opens at 5:30 am, Monday through Friday, to service the needs of those whose schedules won’t allow a workout later in the day.

Excuse #2: “I’m just lazy.” or “I hate exercising.”
Kevin’s Response: “Establish an accountability system or person.”
Much in line with Behavior Modification, establishing a person, such as a personal trainer, or a system, such as attending fitness classes, will help even the most sedentary to establish a new routine. Body Structure offers several group classes throughout the week and every Saturday, along with Personal Training services to establish several different levels of accountability.

Excuse #3: “I can’t afford it.”
Kevin’s Response: “’It’ usually means a trainer, but there are many ways to combine a trainer, facility, home gym, and exercise program along with modifying spending habits over time. We can fit any budget!”Kevin is not wrong about fitting any budget: Body Structure offers many services, from memberships and group classes, to personal training services.

We refer to several practitioners in the region for various programs confronting weight loss issues. If you have questions regarding a specific program, please contact our facility so that we can address each one. After speaking with you, we will do our best to guide you in the direction for success. Body Structure has been teaching people “The knowledge to build a better body” for decades. Please let us help you take control of your weight loss journey… permanently.

Studies have shown that regular exercise by middle aged and elderly people can set back the clock. Test results show that no matter when a person starts to exercise, significant improvement can be achieved. Regular exercise incorporated into our lifestyle can improve our heart and respiratory function, lower our blood pressure, increase our strength, improve bone density, improve balance and flexibility, quicken our reaction time, reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, and reduce our susceptibility to depression and disease. The Forever Fit program focuses on functional fitness to create a workout that is relative to everyday living.


Program is a 4 Step Process:

  1. Complimentary Consultation – We will review your Health History and Activities-Specific Balance Confidence (ABC). This scale determines if you are appropriate for this program.
  2. Assessment – Using several medical assessment tools, we determine the chances of a fall and any mobility issues that you may have.
  3. Program Design – Using the proven scoring method from the initial assessment, we design a safe, individualized program that best suits your needs and at this time goals are developed.
  4. Placement – We will determine if Physical Therapy (insurance accepted), Personal Training (private pay), or guided exercise program is appropriate


Golf Sport Training is the innovative approach to improving one’s golf game through means of integrated training. Body Structure combines your coach’s swing analysis, assessment of your game, and our 17 point body evaluation system to develop your individualized plan.

Our team of Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers can address all musculoskeletal issues that may be limiting factors in your game. We combine flexibility, core, balance, resistance, and cardio respiratory training methods into a single workout program. Individual, group (4-8), and program design options are available.

Do you want to…

  • Increase your Distance?
  • Consistently Strike The Ball?
  • Improve Your Stability & Balance?
  • Zero In On Your Accuracy?
  • Have Better Stamina For Mental Focus?
  • Lower Your Handicap?


Unleash the power and consistency in your swing through better balance, strength, and flexibility. You might even get in the best shape of your life!


Youth Sports Training
Our highly motivated sports training specialists and physical therapists are dedicated to educating your child on the foundations mandatory to keep injuries away and to maximize athletic potential. Regardless of what sport your child is participating in or pursues in the future, we have an individualized plan. We can accommodate customized team workouts at our facility or yours.

  • Pre-Post Testing
  • Agility, Coordination and Balance
  • Movement / Body Mechanics
  • Flexibility /Injury Prevention
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Speed and Reaction Time
  • Sound Nutrition
  • Sport Specific Drills



  • Proper foundation of movement and body mechanics to minimize the potential for injury.
  • Develop foundational strength to supplement athletic movement.
  • Teach proper body mechanics to improve coordination and reaction time.
  • Speed & agility training that focuses on safe directional changes.
  • Build mental toughness in respect to the rigors of sport competition.
  • Safe progressions that foster universal muscular adaptation correcting musculature imbalances.
  • Understand proper nutrition and how it relates to the body’s ability to recover and gain results.


Youth Fitness

We offer youth fitness programs that are designed to educate youth about the importance of leading healthy lives. The program consists of a group setting with children of the same age. The children learn the fundamentals of exercise, which includes resistance, cardiovascular training, and nutritional education….All while having fun with their peers!

At Body Structure, we are fully aware of the low self-esteem issues concerning children that struggle with additional weight. It is our mission to take these young individuals struggling to lose the weight, and help them achieve success by transforming their eating habits and activity levels. We personalize each specific program to fit each child’s comfort level and individual needs. We offer private or group sessions to accommodate each child. Our staff is completely prepared and dedicated to educate, train, listen, and motivate all young people that enter into this program.


Small Group Training Membership

Enjoy the benefits of personal training combined with the motivation that comes from being part of a small group exercise session for 50 minutes. This program will add a dose of high energy and motivation to your workouts led by a personal trainer. Just keep guessing…bosu, free weight, machine, kettle bell, stretch, medicine ball, cardio, strength, definitely cross train, burn calories, and maximize RESULTS!

It does not matter what fitness level that you think you are at, our trainers have the knowledge to progress exercises to accommodate all fitness levels and adapt for old injuries. Safety and personal attention are why we limit the number of participants for each group exercise session.

An assessment to determine contraindications, establish objective goals, and document results is a must. Accountability and motivation are keys to success. Sessions are appointment based, with the option to lock the spot you want, and you are always welcome to drop-in based on availability. If you decide to no show or just go missing in action on us, we will call and hold you accountable.

See our schedule at the bottom of the home page or click here.

Customize your own group and time! Call for details.


Post Physical Therapy Training

After completing a physical therapy protocol or if you are currently being treated by our physical therapy staff, it is important to maintain momentum and integrate a tailored fitness routine into your plan and overall lifestyle. It is the perfect time and natural progression of our program at Body Structure.

Our post physical therapy programs will compliment your condition in a way that strengthens your body where you need it the most and minimizes the risk of an injury recurrence. Once you are ready for exercise, our physical therapist will recommend implementing it into your plan of care. Our physical therapists will ensure that you have a plan that works best for you and your body.

If you have not been working with a Body Structure physical therapist, our exercise physiologists are available and want to discuss contraindications directly with your treating therapist. You can take that next step to being better than ever with Body Structure!
With the recommendation of your physician and the oversight of our staff, we proudly offer the P.R.E.P. program. Our Physician Referred Exercise Program is the safest way to begin an exercise program.

This 2 month jump start program includes:

  • Pre & Post Fitness Evaluation
  • Full Private Membership Access
  • 3 Educational Sessions
  • Individualized Exercise Program
  • Individualized Nutrition Program
  • Unlimited group exercise (if approved)


We can will work with your doctor and provide wellness services to supplement the care that you are already receiving. Click here for a script to our program, ask your doctor if exercise is right for you, and choose Body Structure.

If you have a HSA, FLEX account, or any other health spending account, this program may qualify for its use.


Pre/Post Natal Exercise

At Body Structure, we realize exercise prescriptions for pregnant women who choose to train with us must be doctor recommended where all contraindications are identified. Not long ago, women were instructed to stay in bed for up to two weeks following an uncomplicated delivery. Fortunately, medical professionals now know better.

It is generally accepted that the sooner a woman gets moving the better off she is. Exercise, particularly strength activities can help tone the abdominal region, improve posture, and help a woman regain her pre-pregnancy shape.


In-Home Personal Training

We provide in-home training services to the Lexington Fayette County area by sending enthusiastic, qualified personal trainers to your home or office. All of our in home personal trainers have been through an extensive training protocol to deliver a professional experience in the comfort of your own home or office. No need to worry about equipment; we can handle everything for you.

Body Structure will provide a safe, effective, workout that will accommodate your schedule for the amount of time that suits your needs.


Online Personal Training – NEW!

If you’re looking for an effective, personalized, and cost-efficient means of achieving your fitness goals, Body Structure’s new Online Personal Training program is perfect for you!

Our Online Personal Training program gives you complete, personalized access to the top trainers in Lexington on your own schedule. Using the free app on your iPhone or Android device, you will receive custom workout programs tailored to your specific goals and injury history. Every exercise comes with complete written and video instruction, every workout is directed from start to finish, and daily email contact with your trainer will ensure that you’re never lost in the gym again!

For more information about Body Structure’s Online Training Program, visit our official site:

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