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Most injuries or chronic joint or muscle conditions occur because of overall general health and wellness factors. Because of this, our physical therapists incorporate a full wellness model when approaching patient care. Not only do they address your specific needs during the rehabilitation process, they look deeper at secondary factors that may be inhibiting your ability for full recovery. Our physical therapy team wants to help you optimize your overall health and enjoy every aspect of your life!

Our physical therapy patients come to us from Winchester, Versailles, Nicholasville, Lexington and Georgetown.

Sports Injuries

You do not want to waste time wondering about how to rehabilitate properly after suffering a sports injury or after undergoing orthopedic surgery. Sports injuries can occur to anyone during organized competitions at any age and skill level. Each injury is different, which means our skilled physical therapists will tailor your rehabilitation to meet your individual needs. If you recently had orthopedic surgery to repair an injury, our experienced physical therapy team will make it their top priority to make sure your rehabilitation is safe, efficient, with a complete recovery plan in place.

Sports injuries can occur to a number of different structures in the body or often a combination of tissues including muscles, ligaments and bone. Below are a few common injuries that occur during sporting events that we have the knowledge to rehabilitate.

  • Concussion
  • Hip pointer
  • Meniscal tear
  • Groin/hip flexor strain
  • Osteochondritis dissecans
  • Quad/hamstring strain
  • Bursitis (shoulder, elbow, hip, knee)
  • Labral tear of the shoulder
  • Wrist sprain
  • Joint pain (neck pain, shoulder pain,
    elbow pain)
  • Tendonitis
  • Abdominal strain
  • MCL/ACL tear
  • IT band syndrome
  • Hip dysplasia
    Legg-calves perthes (hip)
  • Post-concussion syndrome
  • Rotator cuff tear of the shoulder
  • Humeral/radial/ulnar fracture
  • Jersey finger


Back Pain

Traumatic and overuse types of injuries to the spine are becoming increasingly common in our society. Poor posture and poor body mechanics are the main contributors to back pain and injury. Our staff is committed to educating our clients about the non-invasive options available to help with chronic back pain. Our mission is to educate our clientele about the methods available to prevent back pain or injury. Treatment plans vary with each individual. There is not one specific treatment that works for everybody. Our staff can provide physical therapy techniques, treatment protocols for prevention, as well as rehabilitation that are associated with back pain and injury.

Medx Therapy

More than 75 peer-reviewed medical journal articles Medx Online have been published to confirm that MedX’s proprietary technology can materially decrease chronic spine-related pain issues, restore spinal function, reduce or eliminate the need for ongoing care, and improve patients’ quality of life. Medical Equipment – MedX Lumbar Extension

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Neck Pain/Headaches (tension headache, migraine)

Few pains are more nagging and unpredictable than those that occur in your neck. Even without much exertion, you could suffer a neck injury, pinched nerve, or simply have muscular weakness causing neck pain or headaches. We offer physical therapy techniques and protocols, pending on your diagnosis, designed specifically to help you. Protocols designed to alleviate pain, strengthen, and stretch those areas of your body that will help you the most allowing complete functional restoration.

Why would Physical Therapy help relieve my headaches?

Research indicates about 85% of headaches have a significant muscular component. This can be from muscle over use, poor posture, or trigger points which are caused by these problems. Techniques used by physical therapists can correct these problems and play a significant role in headache relief.

I’ve already had Physical Therapy and it was not successful. How is this different?

Standard Physical Therapy is often successful but in a small percentage of cases relief is minimal and sometimes even aggravates the problem. The primary difference is the multi-disciplinary approach and the specific targeting of the muscle weakness causing the problem that has not been addressed.

Why do I need to wear a neck collar?

If you feel that your head is heavy at times this is a sign of muscle weakness and fatigue. Using the collar lets you rest your neck and not over use muscles that are already weak and sore. Continued over use will result in more headaches, neck stiffness, and muscle strain.

Some of the treatments you may receive in the program to relieve headaches.

The Multi Cervical Unit is a valuable tool in the treatment of neck weakness, which is a problem in nearly all cases of frequent or chronic headache. The MCU as it is called, is used to measure strength and to use for exercise. The weights are very light and resistance can be finely controlled to avoid straining the weak neck muscles.

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Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

This treatment uses a specially designed tool to apply pressure and a massage like stroking to a tight or strained muscle. This will result in improved muscle relaxation and flexibility.

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Kinesio-tape was developed in Japan and is now commonly used by athletes to provide support to weak or strained muscles. Kinesio tape is much different from the athletic tape many people remember having been used for sprained ankles. This tape is elastic in its long dimension and has some give that can provide an assist to a weak muscle.


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It can also help reduce swelling by using it in thin strips around a joint. It even helps reduce inflammation by pulling superficial tendons away from boney prominences such as seen in tennis elbow.

Electrical Stimulation is used to induce small contractions in sore muscles to relax spasms. It can also be used to strengthen muscles.

Ultrasound is a deep heating treatment that is effective at gently warming and increasing the circulation in muscle tissue. It also has the ability to make tissues more elastic and flexible.


Pre and Post Surgical Therapy

Physical therapy prior to surgical interventions can achieve a number of goals. A very important pre-surgery goal is to improve your overall health and specifically strengthen the injured area with your physician’s approval and supervised by a physical therapist. By preparing the body for a medical procedure in a “pre-habilitation or pre-hab” therapy program, the overall recovery time can be shortened significantly. Whether the desired outcome is to reduce swelling, enhance range of motion, or to simply improve overall strength; physical therapy can get you back on your feet faster.

Post-surgery rehabilitation is an important component of the recovery process. A personalized program can help address the immediate after-effects of surgery, including soft tissue scarring, pain and inflammation, muscle weakness, and joint stiffness. In doing so, your recovery progresses much faster.

Our physical therapists can communicate directly with your surgeon on a plan of care to make sure your treatment is maximized for your best possible chance of full recovery. Your success also depends on your commitment, desire, and optimism that you will recover to a healthy, mobile state. You can choose your physical therapy provider, choose Body Structure Clinic and become part of our success wall and experience the difference first hand!

Vestibular Rehabilitation and Balance Training

According to the National health Institute, 42% of Americans complain of dizziness. Dizziness is one of the most common causes of balance loss. While occasional/mild dizziness may be normal and resolve without treatment, recurrent dizziness that interferes with normal daily activity needs medical attention. Various conditions affect balance including but not limited to:

  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Head trauma
  • Ototoxicity
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Various medications
  • Muscular imbalance and weakness
  • Poor posture


What Can You Do About Balance Loss?

If you have one of the above conditions or another condition causing loss of balance, do not feel hopeless. Vestibular rehabilitation and balance retraining can help you by:

  • Decreasing dizziness
  • Improving balance
  • Increasing tolerance to motion
  • Improving posture
  • Increase muscular strength
  • Reducing fall risks


What is Involved in Getting Started?

A full body musculoskeletal and neuromuscular evaluation is performed to determine a comprehensive problem list affecting the person’s ability to function. From this list, specific goals for the patient are developed and the exercise/movement program is initiated. Some examples of treatment are: vestibular habituation/adaptation exercise, visual motor exercises, canalith respositiong procedures for benign positional vertigo, and balance retraining exercises. ADA compliant screening insures a match between the employee and their job tasks. The screening correlations between job demands and an applicant’s physical abilities.

Are You Ready to Get Your Balance Back On Track?

If you have been suffering from dizziness and have had balance issues that have been a problem, you may get great benefits from our vestibular rehabilitation and balance re-education program. We can help you improve your balance so you can feel safer in your daily activities. If you feel this is right for you, please contact us, we will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

Work Injury Management

We understand the important relationship between industry and medicine, and we recognize that employers – and employees – want “one-stop shopping” when it comes to work injury rehabilitation. That is why Body Structure developed and utilizes programs based on both clinical research and experience with employers, which offers a comprehensive industrial program that focuses not only on the worker, but the workers environment, seeking ways to reduce risk. By visiting your business and becoming familiar with your daily operations, we will become an integral part of your team, with everyone working toward a safe work environment, lowering work injury costs. Click on WorkWell logo for in depth description of services available or click here to learn about our WorkFit program.

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Acute Physical Therapy

We offer immediate access to treatment, which allows injured workers to receive crucial therapies. Therapies that we treat immediately are: spinal stabilization, advanced home exercise programs, and pain relief modalities.

Work Conditioning
With the goal of returning to work in a safe, timely manner, this program strengthens a patient’s abilities by simulating job duties. The program is intensive and maximizes employee’s tolerance to the job’s physical demands.

Function Capacity Evaluation

This work-related test assesses and individual’s physical ability to perform a specific job or activity, and assists in developing a safe return-to-work program. The test is comprehensive and clearly describes the tasks an employee would perform in an eight-hour work day.

Ergonomics & Job-Site Analysis

Our therapists identify ways to make the work environment safer and more productive. After an analysis of the work environment and of the employee, a physical therapist provides employers with guidelines for safety and give recommendations on new work area designs and adaptive equipment.

Prevention Education

Injury prevention is the most common theme between all the parts of this continuum. Our staff works closely with employers and employees to minimize a company’s potential risks by identifying possible solutions. Safety education programs empower employees to understand and solve problems.

Pre-work/Pre-placement Screening

ADA compliant screening insures a match between the employee and their job tasks. The screening provides specific correlations between job demands and an applicant’s physical abilities.

Ergonomics & Job-Site Analysis


Our physical therapists identify ways to make the work environment safer and more productive. After an analysis of an employee and their work site, the therapist provide employers with guidelines for safety and give recommendations on new work area designs and adaptive equipment.


Functional Job Descriptions

This part of our program accurately evaluates and describes the essential functions, critical physical demands, and possible modifications of any job in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.



Complete work injury rehabilitation and prevention programs are available. All program components link together through the functional approach. Programs acknowledge OSHA, CARF, and the Americans with Disabilities Acts (ADA).



Ongoing quality improvement programs are available. Programs are quality/outcome directed.


Functional Philosophy

Our approach emphasizes function, not pain; without negative labeling of future clients. This philosophy will match employee function and specific job demands.



By choosing Body Structure, your company will be connected to a business built on a foundation of experience, expertise and leadership. We have been entrusted by referring physicians for decades. Body Structure Clinic has the knowledge to improve your bottom line.


Home Safety Evaluation


Body Structure offers a home safety evaluation for the elderly that assesses specific trip hazards, which could lead to a potential fall. Considering the statistic that one out of ten falls among older adults result in a serious injury that requires hospitalization, a phone call to schedule our home safety evaluation could be the intervention needed to allow you to lead an active and independent lifestyle.

Our therapist will discover the trip hazards, remove them from the home, and enable you to live independently at home, and enjoy all aspects of daily living. This economical, private consultation is done privately at your convenience. Under the guidance of your physician which simply prescribes the home evaluation, the assessment will result in specific home modifications that are inexpensive and easy adaptable. Examples of preventative modifications are changes in lighting, installing grab bars, or removing a rug.

Medicare covers this preventative, home safety assessment or payment can be covered out of pocket by the individual. Regardless of the payment method, this in-home safety consultation will greatly reduce potential fall issues and make you feel safe and confident in your own home. Our therapists are educated in fall and balance issues and specialize in treatment relating to the older adult population.

Muscle and Joint Pain


Muscle pain is defined as pain in the muscle which can be described as achy, sore, or throbbing. The causes of muscle pain are tension, stress, overuse, and minor injuries. Our experienced physical therapists will tailor the treatment of muscle pain by using a variety of treatment options in conjunction with your referring physician’s plan of care.Joint pain is defined as the discomfort that arises from any joint, which is a point where two or more bones meet. The level of pain associated with joint pain can vary from mild to debilitating. The causes of joint pain also vary from degeneration of the joint, bursitis, disease, sprains/strains, tendinitis, or any form of arthritis. Our experienced physical therapists will tailor the treatment of joint pain in unison with your referring physician’s plan of care.

Motor Vehicle Injuries

Car accidents can be devastating and traumatic. With almost every motor vehicle accident, injury will occur in some form or manner. Whether you suffer a pulled or a bruised muscle or suffer a more severe injury, the appropriate treatment and therapy is essential for your recovery. We have extensive experience assisting with motor vehicle injuries and will work hard to help you regain strength and mobility during the healing process. Facing a long road of recovery can be daunting and confusing–let our training and experience get you the results you desire in a safe, effective, and professional atmosphere.

Weight Loss

Carrying excessive weight can increase the stress on our joints. If your physician, nutritionist, or physical therapist believes that excessive weight has led to your chronic joint pain, then physical therapy can be extremely beneficial to improve your recovery. A supervised weight loss program could provide a pain-free return to your favorite daily activities. Here are some common areas affected by excessive weight.

  • Low back pain
  • Foot pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Knee pain
  • Hip Pain

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