Sandor Koppanyi


B.S. in Kinesiology Exercise Science from University of Kentucky
American College on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

When people ask me where I’m from, it can be a long answer since I moved seven times before the end of high school. My background is American/ Hungarian and my family lives in Virginia now. Growing up, I played soccer around the world and my passion for fitness began in middle school when I couldn’t do a pullup in my gym class. From that point on, I read as much as I could to learn how to do a pullup and before the end of that school year I could do 5. I have been exercising consistently since middle school, using a variety of techniques such as bodyweight, resistance bands, weights, yoga and now Pilates.
When it became time for me to think about my future career plans, I knew that personal training would come naturally to me. I truly enjoy helping people reach their fitness goals. Sometimes people can’t go up the stairs without running out of breath and I know that with my expertise, I can help them live life more comfortably. I like to incorporate a variety of equipment in my workouts whether it’s resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, battle ropes, or just their bodyweight. I also put a lot of emphasis on posture and upper body mobility. With all of my clients, I really encourage quality over quantity, and focus on the fundamentals before we pick up the intensity.
I believe in keeping an open mind in fitness which is why I continue to try new forms of resistance training and exercises often. I’m a big fan of gymnastics and yoga so I’ve been incorporating them in my workouts and love the results I’ve seen so far. I love introducing unique exercises to people and helping them reach their full potential!

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