WorkFit Corporate Wellness Program

Body Structure has been providing health and wellness services to the Lexington area for decades. Our company mission statement exemplifies the concept of our corporate wellness design. Based on the corporation and employee needs, we will define and focus on individualized wellness strategies. The question is always, “How long and how much?” Unfortunately, it seems the majority of the responsibility has been shifted to the employer. It is Body Structure’s job to find the quickest and most efficient way to turn the health and wellness responsibility over to the employee and display our efficiency to the corporation’s financial investment (ROI). Our staff has the experience to develop an efficient wellness plan to decrease corporate liability and cost, while increasing employee productivity and long-term health.

WorkFit Solution

  1. Professional Planning with Objective Quantification
  2. Accountability Systems
  3. Decrease Intimidation Factors
  4. Team Building with Motivating Incentives

Health Screens

Our evaluation system is a FDA-registered medical device that provides standardized measurement of body weight, body fat, blood pressure, heart rate, arm strength, back flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. The compilation of employee results can be reported many different ways. This unique reporting system provides privacy to the individual and objective reports to the employer. We build an incentive program for both individuals and groups. The group results are a great tool for team building and camaraderie. Body Structure will develop the appropriate evaluation system for your corporation. Examples are:

  • Health Risk Appraisal, BMI
  • Health Risk Appraisal, BMI, blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat
  • Health Risk Appraisal, BMI, blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat blood lipid profile
  • Full medical physical and Health Risk Appraisal, BMI, blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat blood lipid profile, etc.

Lunch and Learn Workshops

Our workshops consist of a variety of topics given by a licensed physical therapist, personal trainer, physician, or appropriate professional. Topics will range from prevention, health and wellness, daily life planning, financial and estate planning, liability factors, and nutrition. Body Structure will custom design the schedule of a specific workshop to focus on what the needs and interests are of the employees. We will provide questionnaires before each workshop so that each individual can submit his/her questions privately, and be answered by a professional. In order to reduce stress and produce optimal health benefits, we will provide a comfortable, interactive, non-intimidating format to enhance participation. Workshops offered can be a full ongoing program based on needs, such as smoking cessation. Examples are:

  • Managing stress
  • Label reading
  • Exercise at your desk
  • The skinny on fats
  • Time management
  • Nutrition made simple
  • Starting an exercise program 101
  • Managing diabetes
  • Office ergonomics
  • Goal setting and follow through
  • Common fad diets
  • Smoking cessation



Although every company is unique, various challenges are appropriate for most working populations. Below is a list of challenges that can be modified to accommodate but not limited to:

  • Biggest Loser
  • 5-A-Day
  • Taste the Rainbow
  • Maintain Don’t’ Gain
  • 30 Days of Fitness
  • Stress Management


Our Corporate WorkFit Online Program,, is just a quick click away. Although we will be working with you in person, this option easily turns up the accountability and reporting factor! This tool can store all employee statistics, workouts, track progress, track participation for specific achievements and incentives, provide recipes and workouts among employees, send out weekly and daily workouts, upload and download documents and videos. The options are endless! The program director can be one of your employees or you can have one of our professionals manage the program for you. A company manager can monitor first-hand the participation and results efficiently in conjunction with our individual reports.

Custom Meal Plans

Participants follow a low-fat, reduced calorie meal plan, which was created by registered dieticians. The customized, computer-generated meal plan is based on personal food preferences, estimated basal metabolic rate, and weight loss/gain goals. Each plan has a weekly shopping list and a breakdown of individual meals and snacks. Additional nutritional information such as tips on grocery shopping, meal preparation, and dining out are included. All plans follow the guidelines of the American Heart Association and the American Dietetic Association.

Incentive Program

After 20 years of motivating people in all areas of health and fitness, we’ve found that some form of incentive is a valuable tool to enhance success. Our staff can help you create and implement an incentive program based on your company objectives and budget. When combined with our evaluation system, we can objectively incentivize groups or individual effort, while not disclosing any individual information.

Health Coaching

As a group or individual, we can customize a health coaching program based on the level of risk factors identified during the health risk appraisal. Each individual or group session creates a dynamic partnership that will motivate individuals to shift toward satisfying and healthy lifestyle choices.  Our coaches use both progressive and practical strategies to guide people to clarify desires, explore lifestyle options, and enhance personal accountability.

Corporate Partners

Benefits of being a corporate partner are:

  • Advertisement on Body Structure’s web page with a link and the option to give a special offer to all active Body Structure clients that present a key card tag.
  • A corporate discount off regular membership prices at Body Structure locations.
  • Employees receive information on and can attend Body Structure workshops; free of charge.
  • Referral business network among partners.
  • Round table network events.


As an active client of WorkFit, you automatically have the option to the benefits of being a corporate partner. Call today to inquire about how your company can become part of our referral network.

Work Injury Management

Click here to see our Work Injury Management Services.


The options are endless call us today! We are confident we can help you make a difference in the lives and well-being of your company and employee’s!

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